Caution – Warranty & other risks on “grey” Apple products

A ‘grey’ product is one which is purchased other than through the manufacturer’s official distribution channel.

The risks associated with buying ‘grey’ products are numerous, and unsuspecting customers:

1. May not be entitled to official warranty support; The international Apple warranty requires that proof of purchase, customs duties, VAT and other associated taxes and charges be made available for presentation should an Apple product not purchased through official channels be submitted for a warranty claim.  It should be noted that grey Apple products do not enjoy the protection afforded by the official international Apple warranty unless the abovementioned proof can be furnished.  In many instances these products will never be covered by the official Apple warranty due to the uncertain date of first purchase.
2. Could end up buying reworked, used or – in the worst case – stolen products; The “grey” channel is known to have been used for the sale of local and international stolen products. Legal and reputational risks to anyone found in possession of such goods is clearly severe.**
3. May not have access to the required level of support required by Apple for authorised resellers/retailers;